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The only thing constant is change

So, after losing our roommate and being unable to find another on short notice, we had little choice but to move from our apartment. Fine. It was nice, but not optimal and it was only a space to keep our things.
Lucky for us, rather than having to cram everything into a tinier space, Terana's father offered us his basement rent free. This is actually better than it sounds, as said basement is fully finished and furnished with a living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and 2 small spare rooms. The sun room has been given to me as a work space and the unfinished half of the basement is being outfitted into a large sewing and art space. It's taking a lot of time to unpack and arrange, but it's coming along. I'm very excited and will post pictures when it's not all full of empty boxes and boxes that need unpacking.

This move, unfortunately, also meant the drive to take Terana to work became 25 minutes, rather than 5. A big toll on gas and something of an annoyance all around. Especially since they had cut her hours to ridiculous levels that meant very little work time for me between getting home from dropping her off and needing to pick her up. These hours were due to a temporary work slow down several months ago, when there were problems in negotiations with her company and the companies they supply. These issues were straightened out after a month, but they never raised her hours back to where they'd been. They just told her to "work faster" and continued to add more work to what they wanted her to do in that limited time.

When they announced on Tuesday that they were hiring her an assistant rather than increasing her hours, she put in her two weeks notice. It was officially no longer worth it and far too insulting to continue with. They were very accepting, if "saddened by the loss", and all went better than expected. Then, the following day, after she finished with most of her work, they told her "you know what? Don't come back. We don't want to pay you for another two weeks and you hurt our feelings." So, there's that.

Now we're both home with plenty of time to clean up the place and set up shop. We got a new sewing machine and we're going to dedicate all of our time to making goods for sale. I'm excited and hopeful, but also terrified. The idea of actually pushing our company to be something we can live on is a dream. I just hope it isn't an impossible one.

End radio silence

Hello, internet. Did you miss me?

I fell off the face of the earth forever ago and every time I've tried to get back to internet funtimes and rp, I seem to quickly fall back out of existence again. Real life has been an ever-evolving mess of equal parts shit and awesome that I haven't been able to settle down from for some while.

Things seem safe now --knock on wood-- so I'm going to try to revive this journal and my rp habit (since its still cheaper than drugs and liquor).

Anyone still reading this?

Button Explosion!!!

Today Only! (and maybe tomorrow) Free pinback badges!

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crossing the pond, as it were

I am presently in the Atlanta airport waiting for my connecting flight to London. I've never been out of the country before. I apologize for the image I present of America
I'll be back in the states on Tuesday. I'll update then, if not before, but I should have net access during this trip. *crosses fingers*

Pup questioning meme

I have clearly survived my surgery. All went well, I am at home healing up, I am also on a good deal of percocet. This means I'm not RPing much, so I thought I'd do a meme!

Ask a question of any of my characters you like!
I will have them answer whether they like it or not. Also, feel free to ask me about decisions I've made in how I play my characters or what their motives are.

(Character lists may be found here and here)


I done been stabbed

Well, I have been robbed of my gall bladder and lived to tell the tale. I just got home from the hospital and I'm doing fine now. I have plenty of percocet to keep me entertained and people to keep me company. I may or may not be online, depending on how lucid or together I'm feeling.

Thanks for all the well wishes guys. I was all worried for nothing. I had a great surgeon and very good nurses. It all went very quickly and very smoothly.

Getting knifed

So, I'll be going in to have my gall bladder exorcised on Friday. It's full of evil rocks, so I'm evicting it. It keeps trying to spit its rocks into my other organs, and I won't stand for it.
At any rate, I will likely be in the hospital for all of Friday and Saturday, then bedridden at home for a couple of days after that. I already have my bottle of percocet waiting for me.
I've never had surgery so I'm sort of scared shitless, but I'm really hopeful that all will go smoothly.

In other news, I have been reading through all of Hellblazer. I'm on issue #100 now. I'm loving it, but I think that reading ten or more issues a day is really having a weird effect on my subconscious.
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Meme and ficlet giveaway!

Alright, I'm bored and I need writing practice, so I have modified a meme I saw on y!gallery to suit my insidious needs.

1)Give me a song and a character(s) or pairing
2)I will listen to said song with said characters and/or pairing in mind
3)I will play the song again and write a drabble/ficlet
4)The catch: Writing starts when the song starts and ends when the song ends.

Feel free to repost this and play along! Please link to songs where I can download them or, ideally, listen to them online. Downloads are fine too, but I will have to get to those songs after I get home from work.